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“Kindness is a language the Blind can see”

"What a great quote from Mark Twain", Eirik Moseng shouts eagerly. Eirik is Conspexit founder and he serves Conspexit both as CEO & CTO.

Leading and guiding is a valuable and appreciated piece of everyday common kindness that can be offered to the visually impaired. Yet there can be an awkwardness regarding the process. When, how or should I help, and actually do they need my help in the first place?

There are a few “do’s and don’ts” to follow, which generally begin with politely offering assistance, followed by a series of common steps, which respect the dignity of the person being helped.

  • Introduce yourself

  • Ask if they need help

  • Let them take your arm

  • Warn them about obstacles

  • Guide Dogs- Don’t disrupt their job.

  • Consider the person behind the eyes

Conspexit is currently prototyping and designing an application that will personally assist people with a visual impairment to gain greater independent mobility but we’ve also taken on another challenge; raising awareness around sight loss.

The world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital in London have produced an excellent short film summarising the protocol of leading and guiding. Check out the full video.


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