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Conspexit was founded by serial entrepreneur Eirik Moseng with the mission to create a more inclusive world for people with visual impairment.

We all have one thing in common, we want to make a difference. We've dedicated our careers to technology, computer gaming and founding successful businesses and now it's time to use those skills to assist others.


It's often the way with ideas, there's a big realisation moment that something hasn't been done before and once the words are uttered, even quietly, others hear it and before you know it, there's a team of people striving to make it a reality.

Eirik founded Conspexit on a set of beliefs to take advantage of inexpensive technology, artificial intelligence and computer vision to create a more accessible world to the visual impaired and to protect their fundamental rights and work for a more inclusive world for people experiencing sight loss and visual impairment.

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