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National Coding Week - Lovise's Summer

This week marks National Coding Week, a global initiative aimed at inspiring and guiding people from all walks of life to learn how to code.

National Coding Week logo, people sat around a table with a tablet, laptop and coffee mugs.

Here at Conspexit, we’ll be posting experiences and recollections from our amazing team of programmers, who are working on a ground-breaking, computer-vision based App to transform the lives of millions of visually-impaired individuals.

From a raw beginner to those already possessing a vast number of code-crunching years under their collective belts, we’re delighted to share our collective insights.

Here’s 17-year-old student Lovise, who this summer completed a programming internship at our offices - a highly collaborative environment which encompasses Conspexit and SimplUP, the latter a disruptive technology startup for the online fashion industry.

Lovise, our summer intern standing in a street behind our offices.

Working across both Conspexit and SimplUP, Lovise summarised her time:

"Before my internship I’d not written a single piece of code, so it was a completely new experience for me. I started by working through some Codecademy lessons on SQL, JavaScript, and web programming, to name but a few, as a way of learning the coding basics.

I was surprised at how easy and logical everything turned out to be, and was very proud of my achievements in each type of code that I approached. It took some time to familiarise myself with the languages and memorise the different commands, but after starting to code I do not think it is something I will let myself forget.

Since finishing the internship I have spent time learning new and more advanced concepts, and although learning to code is incorporated with my current sixth-form classes, I think I would like to study or use it more at university, as well as in my spare time.

Programming is a very useful skill to be proficient in, or at least knowledgeable of, so I would recommend to anyone who is considering learning basic coding and coding languages, to give it a go.

If nothing else, it can give you an insight into and an understanding of, how technology, the internet, and web applications work."

It was great having Lovise's energy and enthusiasm in the office, and Ian Tyrrell (Conspexit's VP of Engineering) had this to say:

"I was really impressed at how quickly Lovise developed over the three and a half weeks she spent with us. From knowing absolutely nothing on day one, by the end she was able to construct a complete full-stack web application for SimplUP using a wide variety of technologies. I worked with her on a couple of the Codecademy exercises and she was sometimes much faster at grasping the problem than I was!"

We wish Lovise all the best with her continuing studies, and who knows, perhaps we can persuade her to come back and code some more in future.

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