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What a difference 8 months can make!

It’s been an amazing 8 months for us as a company and a large part of that has been down to the amazing people we’ve met during these formative months at Conspexit.

The support of the RNIB has been amazing. They’re such a great organisation who are working tirelessly to improve the lives of those with visual impairments. In particular we had a lot of fun raising money during their ‘Wear Dots, Raise Lots’ campaign.

We also all wrote to our local MP’s in the run up to the recent election to campaign for the ability for the visually impaired to be able to cast their vote in secret, like everyone else. In fact, there are so many ways you can help their excellent campaigns team, check them out on Twitter to find out more about their current initiatives. @RNIB_Campaigns.

We’ve also been very privileged to get to know Marc Powell and Georgie Bullen, who have (I know they’ll excuse us this pun) quite literally opened our eyes to what it’s really like to live with sight loss. Along with other visually impaired people we’ve met, they’re our inspiration and one of the main reasons we strive every day to make our application successful. If you watch the BBC’s ‘What not to say to a Blind Person’ you will understand why Marc and Georgie will excuse us our terrible pun!

Outside of the visually impaired community we have quite literally been blown away by the amount of support from companies and individuals offering their expertise and time to help us achieve our ambitions – you all know who you are ;)

And let’s not forget that we’re also leading the way when it comes to inclusive hiring with our most recent hire, Ian Brooks.



As we embark on another 6 months, we’d like to say a great big THANK YOU to each and every one of the companies and individuals who have joined us on our journey to empower those with visual impairments to experience a world without limitations.

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