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Wear Dots…raise lots!

We’ve gone dotty here at Conspexit!

This May, the RNIB launches its annual “Wear Dots, Raise Lots” campaign, highlighting the impact of braille and helping them to support the hundreds of people in the UK that start to lose their sight every day. Right across the UK, thousands of people are getting involved with fundraising events, wearing dots, baking and selling dotty cakes and educating the wider community. You too can get involved by applying for your own Wear Dots Fundraising Pack:-

Conspexit is currently prototyping and designing an application that will personally assist people with a visual impairment to gain greater independent mobility and this month will be holding our own fund raising day, inspired by children like Isabella, Jessica and Freddy who are learning braille and in our opinion, ARE BOSSING IT !

Check them out here:-

Jessica and Isabella’s Story

Freddy’s Story

So keep an eye on our blog and twitter page to see the fun we’re going to be getting up to in the office this month.

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