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What not to say to a blind person!

‘Does not being able to see mean you have superhero powers?’

It’s not a question we here at Conspexit thought up, it’s a genuine question many blind people get asked. The only logical answer of course is, ‘I wish’ but that just goes to prove that people with sight loss are the same as everyone else; who wouldn’t want superhero powers!

Jokes aside, it can often be difficult for even well intentioned people to know what to say to someone who is blind, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. It means we should seek to educate ourselves more about blindness and then take the time to get to know someone who is blind as an individual.

Did you know over 90% of people who are registered blind still have some sight? It maybe that they can see blurry shapes or have peripheral vision only or vice versa. There are many variants of visual impairment, too many to mention.

Conspexit is currently prototyping and designing an application that will personally assist people with a visual impairment to gain greater independent mobility but we’ve also taken on another challenge; raising awareness around sight loss.

It’s not an easy challenge but we’re not alone in our ambition, there are many great people and organisations who are doing the same, which is why we want to draw your attention to this short clip by the BBC.

So, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and then sit back and enjoy. We challenge you not to laugh, at least once. Why not leave us a comment below to let us know which, ‘Thing not to say to a blind person,’ that you found the most funny or surprising.

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