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Man’s best friend- Celebrating International Guide Dogs Day, 2017

Seriously. Who doesn’t love a Guide Dog?

Guide dogs are amongst the most phenomenal animals on the planet, and the difference they make to the lives of those with sight loss cannot be overstated. It is impossible to feel anything but pure love and awe when you witness just how dedicated guide dogs are and how precious the relationship between dog and owner becomes.

From birth to retirement, a guide dog costs in the region of £50,000 but the impact on an individual’s life is priceless. Guide dogs facilitate mobility, they help combat isolation and they enhance confidence.

They are also incredibly adorable but that doesn’t mean you should just reach out and stroke one. When a guide dog is working for its owner it needs to remain focused and distractions from well-intentioned humans are unwelcome. It’s always best to ask the owner before attempting any contact with a guide dog.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as welcoming of guide dogs as you might think. The charity Guide Dogs published research in 2015 stating, despite legal protection, that three out of four guide dog owners are turned away by businesses because of concerns about their dogs.

As today is International Guide Dogs Day, we wanted to celebrate these amazing animals as well as raise awareness around some of the issues that still exist within our society. We also wanted to commend the patient and talented people who train guide dogs.

So, let’s celebrate together and the next time you pass a guide dog remember to show them and their owner the full respect they deserve.

Here’s a great summary of these wonderful and talented companions:-

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