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John Hull, a professor of religious education at Birmingham University, went blind in 1983. He spent much of that decade compiling detailed thoughts on the experience of sight loss – a condition he grieved at first, before discovering a philosophical value in his experience. He created a vast audio-cassette journal that mapped out the strange new world confronting him. Those same recordings, a treasure trove of frontier thought on the subject of blindness, formed the basis for his book “ Touching the Rock” and subsequently, “Notes on Blindness”, a fascinating BAFTA-nominated and award winning documentary film. Beautifully and imaginatively shot (with the notable use of actors Dan Skinner and

Not Seeing is Believing

What’s it like to be visually impaired? The vast majority of people are fortunate enough to take for granted their good vision and go about their daily activities with confidence. They don’t think about obstacles that block their path, especially those such as new roadworks, “A” signs, scaffolding, etc that pop up and obstruct a normal and regular route. They simply observe and avoid them, carrying on regardless. So what happens when that sight is taken away, albeit temporarily, and those same journeys are repeated? Many emotions immediately come to the fore, predominantly fear, a lack of independence and self-esteem. It’s therefore hardly surprising to note that many visually impaired peopl

Eirik Moseng appoints Charles P. Garcia to the board of London-based start-up, Conspexit Ltd.

Conspexit, a technology company that is currently focused on developing an intelligent assistant for the visually impaired, today announced the appointment of Mr. Charles P. Garcia to its board. As founder and CEO of Sterling Financial Group, Charles Garcia scaled a privately held financial services firm from three people to sixty offices in seven countries and over $2 billion in assets prior to selling it in 2005. The company was named by Inc. magazine as the #8 fastest growing privately held company in the United States and Charles was named Entrepreneur of the Year by three national organizations. Currently, he chairs the South Florida Chapter of TIGER 21, comprising 510 ultra high-net-

We’re feeling empowered, are you?

The RNIB’s flagship publication, NB Online, turned 100 in January, which is an amazing achievement. You can find out more from the RNIB’s website here: The highlights that resonated with us here at CONSPEXIT were the reminder about how much the world has changed in the last 100 years. The first edition was published when Britain and France were fighting Germany in WWI, revolution had broken out in Russia and technology as we know and love it today, didn’t exist. Also, that the magazine focused on empowerment, aimed in the early days at the returning soldiers from war who had lost their sight. The Oxford Dictionary states: ‘Empowermen

“She’s not blind."

©Cylonphoto/Shutterstock Our assumptions are not always right and often they need challenging. When you see a person carrying a white cane or accompanied by a guide dog, do you automatically assume they are blind? For many people, it can be a huge surprise that someone who has the outward appearance of being blind is able to make out words, signs, shapes or specific objects. It’s an easy trap to fall into but did you know it’s estimated that less than 10% of registered blind people have absolutely no vision whatsoever. The other 90% who have some vision often experience insensitive comments and accusatory looks. This of course, can be hugely frustrating/upsetting/highly amusing depending on

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